Posh Progress

The difference between the United States and Spain is that the majority of American society leans to the right while our society is mainly leftist. For what the Democratic Party and the Popular Party (PP) gain when their adversaries lose. And it is does not matter what the elite intellectual journalist says because over there just as over here the majority is the same, posh progressives.

The control of the posh progressives is due to the nauseating examination of the alleged lack of intelligence and knowledge of Sarah Palin. People that have never mentally left Manhattan have preventively labeled her an idiot for not having left Alaska. Supposed feminist leaders drool over one woman, Hillary Clinton, who has inherited her husband’s political power and they look down on someone who has made it on her own, starting from zero and without oval offices and scholars with stained suits in their closets.

Proud intellectuals from Harvard and Yale have become over come with emotion about one of the dumbest expressions in political history, the promise of hope, because the expression is repeated by a certain person and with other pompous expressions who has managed to pull off two books about himself before turning 47. Yet, they disqualify similar slogans as simple when the author is conservative, a woman and from a small town.

One of the idols of the posh progressives, Meryl Streep, has announced that she is going to move to San Sebastian if McCain wins. It would be the first instance an exile moves to the region that ETA dominates, which demonstrates that when the posh progressive sector travels, they remain unaware. They are too busy making fun of conservative women that hunt bears in Alaska while they finish another whiskey in Manhattan.