No one could have imagined, during the hundreds of years in which Americans profited by snatching Africans from their forests and mothers’ arms, that one day one of these Africans or their descendents would become president of this empire called America. But, as Captain Mimi al-Sherbini put it in his comedy: this is America, folks!

Obama has realized that which black America has never realized before, and regardless of whether he wins the presidential election-–and he is the closest one to a win-–or not, he has broken a number of barriers in the United States and mobilized the majority of Americans behind him, especially those of African, Latino, and other non-white descent. He has mobilized them without being a billionaire or the wealthiest candidate. He has mobilized them by igniting them with his mental attitude and uniting with them on their issues.

Obama worked with the internet, using Facebook and YouTube to drop in on the youth in every home. He has been able to mobilize them to his advantage, connecting to each individual with the appropriate pledge when they login and get onboard with the Obama spirit.

Obama has allowed Americans, in an ordinary way and as a matter of conscience, to watch their country renew its foundational principle of equal opportunity. They have seen that there are no obstacles keeping him from achieving the highest office in the nation. This is particularly true for black or Latino citizens. Indeed, these citizens support Obama so that one day they or their sons can achieve the same dream.

I follow the news carrying the elections, and it fills me with admiration for this society that has opened the door for everyone to realize their aspirations.

Numerous leaders of American society entered the country without a dollar to their name, and after some years they became millionaires. Some of them had no food but after a while they became heads of companies. In this way societies progress into nations, reaping what is sown.

The door has been thrown wide open for the innovators. This is Obama, who at the age of 47 is preparing to enter the White House just like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt, and every other president who has shared in shaping the American dream.

No one has said Obama is deficient in eloquence, or how can we allow him to govern the largest empire in history, or who is this greenhorn who will govern the world and command America’s imposing armed forces and go head to head with major world leaders? No one has said that. Rather, Obama’s youth works in his favor against McCain, who has reached 76 already.

Obama has not succeeded because of campaign funds raised by spurious contributions or by dipping his hand into the nation’s soil. Rather, he has succeeded with complete integrity, and funds raised from small donors who support him, and the ability to stand up against any attack launched at him with the knowledge that none of them can influence his financial security.

Just as I am filled with admiration for the American model, I am concerned about the Egyptian model, which is steeped in failure and makes all who sit on the throne seem bent on enlarging the failure until they can no longer rule. And so we perpetuate the same vicious cycle of destruction. No one aims to end this comedy.