The current leader of the United States could very well be added to the Guinness Book of World Records on three accounts.

First, Bush is the first North American president to have earned the highest approval rating. According to the Gallup polls, he is the only president to have reached the 90% approval mark, a rating he received ten days after September 11, 2001.

Second, he is also the White House occupant with the lowest approval ratings ever. Today he barely has, accordingly to the Gallup polls, a 23% approval rating.

Third, of all the American presidents, he has plummeted the most. If the first figure is better than Roosevelt, who won World War II, the second is worse than what Nixon received shortly before his resignation.

The most serious part is that the fall of Bush could worsen should there be additional financial losses. According to another poll done by CBS and The New York Times, the approval rating of the current presidency has dropped to 22%. He has approximately three months during which time he should do everything possible to avoid dropping below the 20% approval mark.

So severe is his lack of power that the Republican Party candidate (McCain) is finding it very difficult to win the election and has needed to differentiate himself from Bush as much as possible. The candidate who represents the most differences from Bush can capitalize on growing anti-Bushism sentiment.