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October 2008

Will the Financial Crisis be Enough to Elect Obama?

October 1, 2008 // Le Monde - France - French

When Henry Paulson, Treasury Secretary of the outgoing Republican administration, requests the Democratic Congress to give him $700 billion (€476 billion) of credit to take over “rotten investments” from Wall and Street and prevent credit paralysis, the two presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, have [Read more]

We Are All Taliban

October 1, 2008 // Daily Ausaf - Pakistan - Urdu

The British citizen is right in saying that if the U.S. raids continue, the day will come when the Pashtuns living in Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan will unanimously chant a slogan, yes," We are all Taliban."

Presidential Candidates Cannot Ignore Asia

October 1, 2008 // The Brunei Times - Brunei

Most foreigners watching U.S. politics would immediately agree that Obama's position would be best for America, considering what the country has gone through since the September 11 tragedy. A U.S. that is willing to listen more closely to other world leaders would certainly bring closer cooperation.
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