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January 2009

Mottaki: Changes from America, Cooperation from Iran

January 30, 2009 // Radiozamaaneh - Iran - Farsi

Manoucher Mottaki, Iran’s foreign minister, said on Friday that if the United States changes its policies, Iran will have a reaction based on cooperation. Mottaki said, “Iran is waiting for Obama to show how his policies compare to George Bush’s policies.” A French news agency reported that Mottaki, who spoke [Read more]

Obama Poses a Challenge for Indian Diplomacy

January 30, 2009 // Central Chronicle - India

Obama just does not look at India as a trouble spot or an adversary. He does not consider India a must country to be co-opted to resolve America 's problems. He is correct in the first assessment and wrong in the second.

Biden May Hold Unclenched Iranian Hand

January 30, 2009 // Asia Times - Hong Kong

If Biden, the grey cardinal of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, extends his hand to a distinguished Iranian personality with unclenched fist at Munich next weekend, he will be doing so not a day too soon.
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