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January 2009

U.S. Policy in the Middle East Before, During and After Bush

January 1, 2009 // Russian News and Information Agency - Russia

What are the results of Bush's Mideast policy? The shoe thrown at him by a correspondent for Al Baghdadia, an independent Iraqi television station? Or was it a much too shallow, even if striking, assessment of the U.S. president's achievements and failures in the Middle East?

The Absurd Persistence of Domination

January 1, 2009 // Pravda - Russia

American Capitalism’s power elite, comprised of the upper strata of the economic, corporate, political, and military hierarchies, enjoy tremendous advantages over those who oppose them.

Welcome to America’s Hall of Shame

January 1, 2009 // The Guardian - U.K.

For those of us who've been told for eight years that we weren't real Americans - liberals, urbanites, non-believers, cabernet-sippers, same-sex lovers, anti-war-mongerers, Volvo drivers - well, the tables have turned. We're the real Americans now.
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