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February 2009

Global Internet Censorship

February 27, 2009 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

<b>A new Harvard University project collects reports of internet disturbances and unreachable websites. The object is to provide a real-time map of global internet censorship.</b> Measures to filter the internet are again being hotly discussed around the world – whether it’s the battle against child pornography, [Read more]

Obama’s Economy

February 26, 2009 // Aftenposten - Norway - Norwegian

U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech to the congress was highly anticipated. During the first weeks of his presidency the economy has worsened more than even the most pessimistic had estimated. The need for clear answers has increased. The will and resolve of the president was good. The actual content of the [Read more]

Why Did Hillary Make Her First Visit to Japan?

February 26, 2009 // Caijing - China - Mandarin

On Feb. 16, Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Japan, her first foreign visit as Secretary of State. It is very symbolic that Japan should be the first stop in Asia. During the Bush era, Sino-American relations seemed more important, leading to fears in Japan that the Japanese-American partnership had weakened. [Read more]

Financial Realpolitik

February 26, 2009 // Le Temps - Switzerland - French

The entire Swiss wealth management sector risks having to pay a heavy price for UBS’s fling with the United States. This is illustrated by the clear downturn in the stocks of private Swiss banks – echoing UBS – such as Julius Baer and Sarasin. Having taken the largest Swiss bank under its wings, Washington [Read more]

North American Consensus

February 26, 2009 // El Universo - Ecuador - Spanish

The president of the United States has had success in achieving Congress’ approval for his plan to face the financial crisis in his country. In just the last three months, one and a half million North American workers lost their jobs, making this achievement vital to Barack Obama’s administration. Furthermore, he [Read more]
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