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February 2009

Winning Over Obama

February 1, 2009 // Joong Ang Daily - South Korea

If Japan takes a passive stance toward America’s demands, it will naturally lead to a regression in the relationship between the two countries.

How Netanyahu Will Lead Israel to a Dead End

February 1, 2009 // Inyan Merkazi - Israel - Hebrew

Whoever thinks the elections will solve any problems is painfully mistaken. Most of the blame is due to foolish President George W. Bush, who caused Israel great damage with his unnecessary embrace. Now it turns out that the ruins left behind by George W. Bush are a lot more dangerous for Israel than it seemed [Read more]

Carter Redux

February 1, 2009 // Al Ahram Weekly - Egypt

Like Obama after Bush, president Jimmy Carter also faced the daunting task of picking up the pieces after a discredited Republican administration, with Middle East politics and an energy crisis topping the agenda.

Can They Decide What is Best For Us?

February 1, 2009 // Saudi Gazette - Saudi Arabia

The point made by doctors on an individual’s freedom of choice to give birth, or not, was completely lost in spite of two prominent doctors being quoted in media reports on the redundancy of ‘playing god’ in such situations.

How Are You, Mr. Obama?

February 1, 2009 // Cyberpresse/La Presse - Canada, Québec - French

It’s not easy when you’re in the United States to get the Americans interested in Canada. The majority of Americans that I have met in my life picture our country as a large bank of flat snow, a sort of Weston bread slice with no butter and jam on it. A country with no history and no story, which is just similar [Read more]
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