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March 2009

A Clear Choice

March 31, 2009 // De Tijd - Belgium - Dutch

President Barack Obama has made a clear choice. The restructuring is deep and merciless, as this appears to be the only solution for the ailing auto industry.

Wall Street’s Greed Tests Obama

March 31, 2009 // Wen Wei Po - Hong Kong - Chinese

Wall Street’s Greed Tests Obama Ma Jian Bo During Obama’s campaign, one often heard the words “I have a dream”. He painted a glorious hope for the American people. He wants to promote America’s manufacturing industry and real economy, to rebuild the U.S. economy, to supervise the setup of the banking [Read more]

Underlining Home Truths

March 31, 2009 // The Nation - Pakistan

The drone strikes are not only hurting the sensitivities of the proud people of this country, but also damaging the very cause for which they were being made.
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