According to latest report in Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, the economic recession has gradually changed the way Americans live. These changes have negative effects, such as the dropping of business in department stores and the sluggishness of the employment market But, there are also positive influences, such as a declining divorce rates in the U.S.

Few Shoppers at Department Stores

Generally speaking, during the spring season, when people need to change their clothing, coupled with the department stores’ promotions, shopping volume should be going up. But nowadays, things are different. For example, famous store like Macy’s no longer sees many customers. On the other hand, business at some inexpensive stores is getting better as they sell durable, practical, but cheap, goods. It has been said, that in the past, company employees wore colorful clothing of individual style, but now, many of them just wear white shirts to the offices in order to avoid attention from their supervisors, who may well dismiss them someday.

In terms of employment, Americans are changing their attitude. They are becoming more adaptable. Any job that can help support the family is acceptable. A manager that used to make an annual salary of U.S. $120,000 can now work as a security guard for an annual salary of U.S. $25,000. It is not uncommon for a person with a PhD in computer science to take a position driving an electric car (a special type of taxi through a telephone booking agency). There is a special bartending training program in Manhattan--many of the trainees there used to work on Wall Street. Those formerly working as brokers wearing small vests and yelling in the trade lobby now work in bars. We do not know what they think of their new, current jobs in these bars.

Do-It-Yourself Recipe Books Are Well Sold

The recession in America does not only have negative influences, but also have some positive influences. For example, on some recipe books appear on the list tat show how Americans can cut their expenses at restaurants and how to change their eating habits. On the other hand, it shows that Americans spend more time at home with their family members, which will be helpful in cultivating harmonious family relations. Other positive influences include the fact that family members who once lived apart now live under the same roof in order to share their mortgage. Americans are used to spending rather than saving in times of economic prosperity, but now their savings rate has reached 5 percent. High savings rates are not good for stimulating consumption, but it will enhance the consciousness of the crisis and it will do no harm to Americans in the long term. Another positive thing is that America used to produce yearly rubbish that reached the amount of 250 million tons, resulting in waste that needs to be buried or dealt with, damaging the ecological environment. Since the beginning of the economic crisis, as Americans have greatly reduced consumption, waste has also been reduced.

In addition, the latest statistics show that the divorce rate in America is dropping. In some states, the divorce rate has dropped by 5 percent, in some even by 18 percent. Perhaps this is not because American couples are willing to support each other during this troubled period, but because the cost of divorce is too high and they have to choose to stay together. However, the delaying of divorce and continuing to live together means a return to traditional family life and values.