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April 2009

Obama's Busy Arab and Israeli Calendar

April 30, 2009 // El Nashra - Lebanon - Arabic

President Barack Obama's calendar is full of Arab and Israel meetings this season at the White House. The first visitor was King Abdullah II, who conveyed a unified Arab position with the plan discussed during a meeting of a number of Arab ministers of foreign affairs. In the coming weeks, there will be three visitors [Read more]

Rapid Change in the U.S.

April 30, 2009 // Aftenposten - Norway - Norwegian

America is becoming less dominated by white people. In 2042 white people will probably be in the racial minority. Obama’s election is a sign of new times for the USA. If only white Americans had voting rights, John McCain would have been chosen as president of the United States; however, white people comprise a [Read more]

It Cannot Be Said that They Don't Love Us

April 30, 2009 // Российская газета - Russia - Russian

American Attitude Toward Russia is Not "Stuck on Negative" Andrey Shitov, Washington. American researcher and consultant William Dunkerley compared the fluctuation of public opinion in the United States toward Russia to fortune telling with daisy petals: "They loves Russia. They love Russia not." He analyzed the [Read more]

Facing the "Open Veins of Latin America"

April 29, 2009 // Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore - Chinese

In contemporary, international social intercourse, the exchange of books by political leaders is not something one hears of very often. There are probably two reasons for this. One is that a book is the carrier of thought, and if given to the wrong person, could turn out to be a boring affair. The other is that in [Read more]
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