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April 2009

Obama Warriors

April 5, 2009 // Junge Freiheit - Germany - German

Washington wants to see NATO’s new mission put immediately into action in Afghanistan because that’s the war Obama absolutely wants to win.

President Obama's Diplomatic Debut- Did He Pass?

April 4, 2009 // Sankei Shinbun - Japan - Japanese

President Obama marked his global diplomatic debut in the G-20 economic summit. He, who has worked toward recovering the cold relations with his European counterparts from the Bush era, has also strived to avoid cracks over monetary regulations and stimulus spending by industrialized nations. He seemed to succeed in [Read more]

NATO: Deep Divisions in the Alliance

April 4, 2009 // Junge Freiheit - Germany - German

The summit at NATO’s 60th anniversary being held this weekend in Strasburg, Baden-Baden and Kehl will have to be more than just a birthday celebration and proud recounting of NATO’s past accomplishments. The North-Atlantic Alliance has come to a fork in the road and now faces questions about its future for which [Read more]

Obama in Europe

April 4, 2009 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

Barack Obama, the U.S. president for whom Europe swooned, is in Europe, on his first transatlantic visit. It's more than probable, however, that this dizzying tour (the G-20, a NATO summit, meetings with the EU and Turkey) will end in a handful of hopeful statements and gestures - such as the apparent resetting of [Read more]

Increasing Efforts in Afghanistan

April 3, 2009 // Dagsavisen - Norway - Norwegian

It is expected that some countries will answer the American request during the summit today and tomorrow. But most of the allies, including Norway, already feel that they have made a very strong commitment and will not meet the request easily.
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