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April 2009

Earthly Ambitions

April 2, 2009 // NRC Handelsblad - The Netherlands - Dutch

Without full cooperation from the neighbors, the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan cannot be as comprehensive as Obama wants us to believe.

London in Obama Fever

April 2, 2009 // Spiegel - Germany - German

Barack Obama arrived in London for his first European trip as the President of the United States. His schedule is full: Private face to face meetings with the heads of Russia, China and India, a private audience with the Queen and dinner prepared by star chef Jamie Oliver. London – The G-20 summit starts on [Read more]

The Betrayal

April 2, 2009 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

[Calderon] is turning over function of the Mexican government to the United States.

The Use of Term 'Afpak' in American Circles

April 2, 2009 // Ausaf - Pakistan - Urdu

[Note: The Balochistan Province of Pakistan borders both Balochistan-Sistan Province in Iran, and Afghanistan, with familial ties historically transcending these borders.] We have been hearing the term, “Afpak”, used recently in U.S. circles, referring to a combination of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pakistan and [Read more]

Obama the Afghan

April 2, 2009 // Le Monde - France - French

In order to turn away from the threat of failure in Afghanistan, is the most effective strategy to internationalize the search for a solution? This is what American President Barack Obama believes. On Friday, March 27, Obama suggested creating a contact group including Iran, India, Russia, China, Gulf countries and, of [Read more]
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