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June 2009


June 30, 2009 // Liberation - France - French

Has this ideology been brought down in the face of all these accumulated disasters? Not in any way. Madoff's life sentence is more like a redemption.

A Test of the Future

June 30, 2009 // Le Soir - Belgium - French

This Tuesday by midnight, American armed forces will have left Iraqi towns and cities, turning over security responsibilities to police forces and local military. This target date will be strictly upheld and both parties will benefit but the problems of post-Saddam Hussein Iraq remain far from resolved. [Read more]

Iraq: The Test

June 30, 2009 // Le Monde - France - French

On Tuesday, June 30, in accordance with the desire of Barack Obama and of the Iraqi government to demonstrate that the Baghdad authorities are ready to retake control of the destiny of the country, all American “combat” troops will withdraw from Iraqi cities. For the prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, who fiercely [Read more]

The Scapegoat

June 30, 2009 // Der Tagesspiegel - Germany - German

The world needs a culprit, so Bernard Madoff has become the face of the financial crisis. Finally! Someone is being punished. 150 years in prison. That soothes our hearts! That proves it’s not just the little guy who always suffers! What a mistake. Bernard Madoff is being unjustly pilloried for the financial [Read more]
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