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June 2009

Iran’s President Should Debate with Obama

June 22, 2009 // Mainichi - Japan - Japanese

The steep rise in the cost of living has no end in sight and the unemployment rate is said to be up from 13 percent to 20 percent. Under U.N. sanctions because of its nuclear development, their country continues in international isolation. Still, the Iranian people have reelected hard-liner Ahmadinejad as president. [Read more]

Summit Secrets

June 22, 2009 // The Joongang Ilbo - South Korea

Was there a discussion about sending Korean troops to Afghanistan during the Korea-U.S. summit meeting, or not?

Hope Returns to Missile Defense in Washington

June 22, 2009 // Rossiiskaya Gazeta - Russia - Russian

From what the head of the Pentagon, Robert Gates, said in the U.S. Senate Committee yesterday, it is clear that he now needs Russians very much. Without the help of Moscow, the U.S. missile defense program will apparently remain just a costly project. That’s what Gates announced almost openly. The head of Pentagon [Read more]

Obama Doesn’t Get It

June 22, 2009 // Ynet News - Israel

And what does Barack Obama offer us and them? An instant solution meant to advance his personal agenda...the bitter price will be paid by the Middle East, as usual, in local blood.
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