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June 2009

The Man Who Did Not Prevail

June 30, 2009 // - Spain - Spanish

Michael Jackson was to pop what Obama is to politics. No other African American man had gone so far. African Americans revolutionized twentieth century music, but those who sold millions of records were the people that emulated them, like Elvis Presley, The Beatles or the Rolling Stones. Because of this, he was always [Read more]

Obama Faces Neo-liberal Hegemony

June 30, 2009 // O Estado de S. Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

Finally, eight months after the explosion of the world financial crisis, concrete measures were proposed and are being made effective by both Barack Obama’s administration and the European Union (EU), with an aim to reinstate state and communitarian control over the issuance and circulation of financial products. It [Read more]

On a Razor's Edge

June 30, 2009 // El Espectador - Colombia - spanish

The U.S. and Venezuela ambassadors returned to their positions after both of them were temporarily suspended, but neither one of them wanted to talk about the way they were sacked from their respective countries. Both governments are aware that their ambassadors returned without resolving the situation that led to the [Read more]
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