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June 2009

Governor's Latin American Tryst Too Hot To Handle

June 29, 2009 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

Mark Sanford’s love escapade has decapitated the Republican Party. The governor, who disappeared for three days, admitted to being in Argentina with his mistress. Upon his return, Sanford resigned as the chairman of the Republican Governors Association. He was a potential candidate for president for the 2012 [Read more]

Obama Condemns Iran's "Iron Fist" Policy

June 28, 2009 // Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany - German

During a White House press conference, US.. President Obama came out against Iran’s attempts to make the United States responsible for the ongoing riots in that country. Obama said accusations that foreigners were inciting the demonstrators “are an obvious attempt to distract people from what is truly happening [Read more]

Obama's Loud Silence

June 28, 2009 // NRG Maariv - Israel - Hebrew

It’s hard to remain indifferent while watching the horrific and emotional images being broadcast from Iran the past few days. Women and youth have been out in the streets, confronting government bullies with their bare hands. It was equally hard to watch the video that kept being played, in which mercenaries on [Read more]

The Dancing Sleepwalker

June 28, 2009 // Der Tagesspiegel - Germany - German

Michael Jackson was one of those people to whom art gave birth and who can only be described in fairytale terms.
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