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June 2009

Obama and Merkel: Atlantic Gestures

June 28, 2009 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Sound and vision did not always match. Words hardly could have been more affectionate. “Germany is very dear to my heart,” says Barack Obama, and then gives the reason: “Because I like Angela Merkel.” He calls her “my friend.” The German chancellor reciprocally thanks the president for his two “moving [Read more]

Merkel’s Visit: The U.S. Media Gets Bad Vibes

June 28, 2009 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

<b>Chancellor Merkel visits President Obama in Washington for the first time on Friday. Even leading U.S. newspapers call their relationship tense.</b> Silently, but clearly, a chasm has opened between the United States and Germany; the U.S. media – above all the New York Times - is certain of that. Officially [Read more]

Weapons Insanity

June 27, 2009 // Neues Deutschland - Germany - German

The U.S. House of Representatives in Washington intends to blow $680 million on the U.S. military over the next fiscal year. That’s once again more than George W. Bush spent in his last year in office and also more than was ever spent in any year since the end of World War Two. And that doesn’t even include [Read more]

National Security Strategy, American Style

June 27, 2009 // Nezavisimoa - Russia - Russian

The document “National Security Strategy of the United States" along with the “National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation before 2020” was signed by the president of the country. This happened when George Bush Jr. was president in 2006. The American document is the strategy for fighting terrorism on [Read more]
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