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June 2009

Gaza: Worse Than Oneof Our Prisons

June 26, 2009 // La Razón - Bolivia - spanish

Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 . . . Article 33: “No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited."

Fast and Furious Health Care Reform

June 26, 2009 // Sohu - China - Chinese

The U.S. is undergoing its more expansive public health care reform in 40 years. It will cost a lot of money and will involve so many interests in order to provide medical coverage to 46,000 uninsured Americans. While the schedule to discuss the medical reform is ready, the U.S. Congress will officially begin to [Read more]

It is Necessary to Accelerate Banking Industry Reform

June 26, 2009 // Les Echos - France - French

It is necessary to accelerate banking industry reform. In the face of the recent economic downturn, American banks have begun resisting efforts to reform banking regulations. The former system functioned well for bankers (if not for their shareholders), so why would they want to change it? In fact, the measures [Read more]

Obama, the American Friend

June 26, 2009 // Madridiario - Spain - Spanish

The American friend shows itself and becomes tangible. Welcome Mr. Marshal; come, but stay for just a while. The time of Yankee arrogance, of the selfish friend who makes you feel useless is over. A combination of stars has made possible to send a torrent of positive energy to Spain. Obama in the U.S. and Zapatero [Read more]

Obama’s Delicate High Wire Act in Iran

June 26, 2009 // die Zeit - Germany - German

A great deal will now depend upon how Obama reacts, how he manages to encourage those Iranians thirsting for freedom while not alienating the powerful theocrats who rule the country.

My Enemy's Enemy is Still My Enemy

June 26, 2009 // The Guardian - U.K.

We did not think that winning elections gave Bush the right to repress all opposition, and anyone who thinks that Ahmadinejad's dubious triumph gives him a license for brutality is guilty of, to put it mildly, moral inconsistency.
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