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July 2009

At the End of the Day Race Matters

July 30, 2009 // Le Soir - Belgium - French

Barack Obama has just endured his most difficult month since entering the White House. Although the recession is expected to slow in the coming months, the number of unemployed workers has not stopped growing and neither has the number of people disappointed with a stimulus plan that is slow to take effect. The [Read more]

Obama and Sarkozy Face Off Over Africa

July 30, 2009 // Le Monde - France - French

It took just one speech in Dakar, Senegal, in July 2007, to alienate Nicolas Sarkozy from a large section of the African elite. It took just one speech, on July 11, in Accra, Ghana, for Barack Obama to win the heart of the Dark Continent. At first glance, however, the presidents of the two countries competing for [Read more]

Soul Food Revival

July 29, 2009 // Spiegel - Germany - Germany

Today, soul food represents no less than prepared-to-please-the-palette African-American history.

Don’t Waste Good Intentions

July 29, 2009 // The Japan Times - Japan

It is disappointing that nothing has come of a former vice foreign minister's disclosure of a secret agreement allowing Japanese port visits by nuclear-armed U.S. ships.
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