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August 2009

The Last of the Kennedys

August 31, 2009 // La Presse - Canada - French

His place was in Congress, where he worked for 47 years to become, without doubt, the most important legislator of his generation.

Obama and the CIA

August 31, 2009 // De Volkskrant - The Netherlands - Dutch

Obama is not wrong in noting that the truth is best served when the search for it is not seen as just party payback.

The Last of the Kennedy’s Patriarch

August 31, 2009 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

Patriarch and lion, fireproof senator for more than four decades, persecuted by the shadow of the president he could not be, zealous guardian of a saga that remains orphaned and without a possible heir. Edward Moore Kennedy died at the age of 77. A cerebral tumor detected months ago ended his life. The last great [Read more]

A Generation’s Nightmare

August 30, 2009 // Takung Pao - Hong Kong - Chinese

President Obama's controversial healthcare reform plan is currently undergoing difficult deliberations. The intense debate of the two opposing sides is keeping the government and people of the United States too busy to consider an issue becoming more difficult by the day: the United States’ Social Security system [Read more]
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