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August 2009

Let’s Stand Up To Moscow!

August 4, 2009 // Izwestia - Russia - Russian

The number one topic in the Georgian mass media remains the recent visit of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden to Tbilisi. As reports continue to surface, new interesting details are appearing. For example, the Georgian Times, quoting “a credible source,” informs, “At a meeting with representatives of the Georgian [Read more]

Luggage with No Handle

August 3, 2009 // Izvestia - Russia - Russian

Barack Obama, in addition to other things, inherited from George Bush two young but problematic democracies - Georgia and the Ukraine. Bush and his administration truly loved to occupy themselves with “democracy” and could afford to do so. Obama would also love to amuse himself with something along those lines. [Read more]

From Afghanistan, Bad News for Obama

August 3, 2009 // alQuds alArabi - U.K. - Arabic

Specialists in Western governments excel in mimicking such deliberately deceptive tactics, which manifests itself most clearly as they strangle the truth and obfuscate bad news emerging from the region. This tactic was not successful in Iraq and is not expected to succeed in Afghanistan.

A Beer at the White House

August 3, 2009 // Le Nouvel Observateur - France - French

In France everything ends with songs. In the United States, does everything eventually end with a beer? Barack Obama’s opinion on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr., an African-American professor at Harvard, by a white officer is controversial. Barack Obama seemed upset by the “stupid” behavior of the police [Read more]

Obama in the “Docs and Cops” War

August 3, 2009 // La Repubblica - Italy - Italian

The scandal of the American health care system, today an unfair and bizarre patchwork of very high costs and insurance policies conceived not to pay, is the bet that Obama can’t lose if he doesn’t want to see his whole political agenda helplessly compromised.

Honduras: The Traps of CNN in Spanish

August 3, 2009 // Bolpress - Bolivia - Spanish

Recently, CNN in Spanish has covered the coup in Honduras with extraordinary talent and malice, spinning stories finely and sometimes not so finely, so that public opinion adopts a position favorable toward the rebels
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