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October 2009

Pittsburgh’s Delicate Work

October 1, 2009 // Le Figaro - France - French

<b>The decor has changed since the last G-20 summit. Whereas in London it all looked like extinguishing a fire, Pittsburgh is remaining relatively calm.</b> Six months have passed since the first G-20 summit that took place in London. Six months during which the economical background has changed radically. In April, [Read more]

From Munich to Kabul

October 1, 2009 // Der Tagesspiegel - Germany - German

Get out of Afghanistan? I was undecided: if NATO abandons Afghanistan, people will again be stoned to death and human rights won’t be worth a damn. And, contrary to popular opinion, value systems and cultures can be exported using completely military means as the Roman Empire, Napoleon, Spain, England and the [Read more]
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