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November 2009

America Focuses on India

November 28, 2009 // Nikkei - Japan - Japanese

Indian Prime Minister Singh has traveled to Washington as President Obama’s first state guest since his inauguration. As fear gathers in India that the United States’ Asia policy is leaning toward China and Pakistan, the summit aimed to publicly reaffirm the United States’ pro-India stance. A joint statement [Read more]

Not Your Typical American

November 28, 2009 // Guardian Unlimited - U.K.

Bad Americans not only think that it is possible to be happy in another country, they're open to the possibility that there might be things about other countries that are actually nicer than America.

Africa Still Feeling the Obama Love

November 28, 2009 // - France - French

Barack Obama has become an icon on the African continent since being elected to the presidency of the United States on 4 November 2008. One year after his electoral victory, the stream of elegies of Barack Obama in African newspapers has not dried up.
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