The movie Avatar is breaking worldwide box offices in a spectacular way; deservedly so, because it is definitely a work of art. Visually, the production is unbelievable, absolutely thrilling.

The science fiction film is a marvel, amazing those who are fans of this genre, as well as those who are not. It is intricate, emotional and well rounded. This is, perhaps, the most anticipated film for months, and the fact that it disappointed no one is unusual, even historical.

Avatar is the most expensive film of all time. And truthfully, when we saw it, we understood why; it is impossible for those who love movies, or anyone for that matter, to see it and not be captivated.

Without question, never has a film so effectively combined computer animation with the action of real actors. The film also has the great strength of satisfying both young and old; it is “friendly” to a broad audience.

Director James Cameron once again managed to make a film that can be described only as simply spectacular. It is Hollywood cinema at its most sophisticated expression, thus far.

The story, though not as good as the visual content, is strong. It narrates the adventures of a group of humans who, faced with a dying world, embark on the conquest of another planet with succulent monetary resources for their inexhaustible ambition. To get this loot, the superb men opt for war, no matter what the consequences are for the invaded place and its inhabitants.

Upon viewing the film, I reflected a bit. Did Cameron offer criticism frequently made of the United States? I don’t know, but it seemed to be a very successful way of highlighting the grotesque, imperialistic attitude of the U.S. through a rather simple-minded tale.

And the public? What will Americans think upon seeing this film? In the story, the evil ones are the invaders and the invaded are the good. Will they be aware that their government does exactly the same thing to populations around the entire world? I hope so.

We are well aware that from the time of the Monroe Doctrine, to Manifest Destiny and up to this day, Americans have believed in their ownership of the truth and the clear right to do with other countries what they please ... always, of course, invading when it suits them.

Besides the visual wonder, I appreciated that Avatar explains so well the suffering of those invaded, as well as the injustice of the invasions.

Of course, the end is unfortunately very different from what happens in reality.