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February 2010

Taking Obama’s Nobel Prize Away

February 26, 2010 // Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland - Polish

Europe has the American president it has dreamt of, but it has one trouble with him: His Noble Peace Prize needs to be taken away. After one year, Europe is mainly lamenting over Obama. He transformed America's image into a friendly one, but he is first and foremost the President of the United States, whose duty it is [Read more]

Obama: Psst, Psst – I Have a Plan

February 26, 2010 // Le Figaro - France - French

Three days before the White House health care summit, the 44th president is still setting the stage by posting his version of the ideal plan online. For the first time, every American can read, on his own computer screen, the actual Obama health care plan — and judge it for himself. If this is not a publicity stunt, [Read more]

What Isn’t Going So Well at the Capitol

February 26, 2010 // Le Monde - France - French

There will soon no longer be a Kennedy in the United States Congress for the first time in sixty-four years. The explanation: two weeks ago, Patrick Kennedy, a Democratic Representative from Rhode Island, announced that he would not run again in the upcoming November elections. He will leave the House of [Read more]

Washington is Becoming Softer

February 26, 2010 // Vzglad Daily - Russia - Russian

The United States decided to change some articles in its draft resolution against Iran, making it softer. Washington did it in order to obtain the approval of the document by Russia and China, which have opposed tough sanctions. The reaction in Moscow and Beijing is still unknown. Iran itself is not responding to [Read more]
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