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May 2010

Obama in South Africa: “No, we can’t”

May 31, 2010 // L'Express - France - French

The South African police pray that American president Barack Obama does not attend his team’s matches during the World Cup. “No, we can’t,” is essentially what the director of the South African national police, Bheki Cele, meant when he evoked the possibility of Obama’s visit during the World Cup. The [Read more]

Obama to Stop Iran’s Gas Boycott

May 31, 2010 // Tabnak - Iran - Farsi

Over the past year, the U.S Senate has made efforts to impose gasoline-based economic sanctions on Iran. Today, Obama ordered an end to the gasoline embargo on Iran. Iranian newspaper KhabarAnlayn reported that, according to a Reuter’s news agency announcement Monday, the disagreement between the U.S. House of [Read more]

Restoring U.S.–Palestine Relations

May 31, 2010 // Al-Quds - Palestine - Arabic

In light of the recent return to direct negotiations between Palestine and Israel, Palestinians ought to seek out the causes that have led to this deterioration of relations and the means to improve the situation. At this point in time, is there any another way besides political action? This symbolizes a culmination [Read more]
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