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October 2010

George Soros: Legalize Marijuana

October 31, 2010 // Estadão - Brazil - Portuguese

The billionaire George Soros published an article in the Wall Street Journal defending the legalization of marijuana, proposed in the California election. “Our marijuana laws are clearly doing more harm than good. The criminalization of marijuana did not prevent marijuana from becoming the most widely used illegal [Read more]

Latin America’s “De-Americanization” Problem

October 31, 2010 // GMW - China - Chinese

Recently, an American scholar pointed out that Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean are becoming more “Americanized.” Not only has Brazil, the largest country in Latin America, never identified itself as Latin American, it is now more obviously detached from Latin America. Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and [Read more]

Obama’s Passage to India

October 31, 2010 // Korea JoongAng Daily - South Korea

The U.S. should also stop questioning India’s relationship with Iran, a neighbor with which India is linked by many centuries of economic, cultural and even civilizational ties.

Republican Victory a Prelude to Failure

October 31, 2010 // National Post - Canada

The dirty secret of the tax-cut battle is this: President Obama is actually very happy to see the tax cuts expire forever, so long as he does not get the blame. If the Republicans volunteer to look unreasonable, Obama gets the (for him) best of all possible worlds.

The Coffee Party

October 31, 2010 // National Post - Canada

The Rally attracted more than 200,000 participants — three times what Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin got when they played the same venue to much Godly, right-wing fanfare a month ago.
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