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December 2010

Hillary Clinton Is Obama’s Tireless Supporter

December 31, 2010 // Die Welt - Germany - German

Hillary Clinton was once Obama’s fierce competitor. She is now his greatest supporter and helps him to repair the world’s damaged image of America. <b>First the First Lady, Now Secretary of State</b> The president, without luck, is hollow-cheeked and irritated; his secretary of state is worn out, tired, the [Read more]

Assange Writes an Autobiography

December 31, 2010 // Vecernji - Croatia - Croatian

The editor-in-chief of the whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, has signed a deal for his autobiography to be published in order to earn money to defend himself and to keep WikiLeaks afloat.

Why America Should Free Jonathan Pollard

December 31, 2010 // Israel National News - Israel

Anti-Pollard people have claimed that Pollard’s information went to a third party and resulted in the death of American agents in Russia. This claim was determined to be the basis of his life long sentence.

Afghanistan Under Karzai

December 31, 2010 // The News - Pakistan

Dogged by corruption charges and dwindling support, he relentlessly blames Pakistan for all that plagues his land. He also blames the ISI of helping the Taliban, an affront, given the thousands of lives lost here and an economy in ruins.

American Interests in Peril

December 31, 2010 // La Nouvelle République - Algeria - French

The question inevitably arises of knowing why the United States supports Israel unconditionally and to what extent this discriminatory support would be the cause of potential danger to American interests in the Arab world and even the destabilization of the Arab countries. Terrorist movements invoke the practice of a [Read more]

Playing with START

December 31, 2010 // Jame Jam - Iran - Persian

It took more than a year for the START treaty negotiated by Russia and the United States to reach the U.S. Senate for approval. Russia’s insistence on correcting some parts of the treaty has created a special situation. The first Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, aka “START I,” was signed in the year 1991 and [Read more]
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