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The Obama-Bashing Festival

January 1, 2010 // Financial Times Deutschland - Germany - German

The partisan reaction to the Detroit terrorism attempt shows that Republicans will not hesitate to use every weapon at hand in attacking the government — and that may well cause Obama to make errors.

Chávez Asserts the U.S. Prepares to Attack His Country

January 1, 2010 // El País - Venezuela - Spanish

On Thursday, the Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez accused the Reign of Lower Countries of collaborating with the United States in order to prepare a possible military attack against Venezuela, and he suggested that the European Union should intervene in order to avoid armed conflict. The Venezuelan head of state [Read more]

Obama’s Doctrine in Shape

January 1, 2010 // Fardanews - Iran - Farsi

After he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, all media favored this contradictory point: a man who deployed 30,000 troops was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as a symbol of peace. He himself justified the duality and said, “Evils exist in the world, and war is inevitable at times." According to Farda's “Record [Read more]

Failed Attack: The Endless Race

January 1, 2010 // Le Soir - Belgium - French

The Christmas Day attack attempt on a plane destined for the United States gives both the unpleasant feeling of repetition and (already) the much more uncomfortable sensation of an eternal recurrence: the airport security checkpoints; those increasingly nit-picky inspections Americans must go through, as do all [Read more]
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