The tense situation on the Korean Peninsula has saved the declining sales of newspapers, with the situation occupying the headlines in major newspapers around the world for up to a month now with no signs of stopping.

China described the significance of North Korea using its own very popular phrase — "interdependent" — and, indeed, the distance from the Chinese capital of Beijing to the Korean peninsula is but a few hundred kilometers. If the situation were to get out of control, it would presumably reach China’s drinking pot. Back in the days of the Korean War, it seemed as though both China and the U.S. did not want to proceed because the final result was nothing less than lose-lose. Up until now, the image of DPRK in the eyes if the world has been the result of America’s “the Axis of Evil” propaganda. Do not follow routine card tricks, for it will deepen people’s conception of Korea’s irresponsibility and bad image.

While we are all worried about whether Korea is capable of having a strong response and their military bombardment exercises, the Korean government's response was that it really was an accident. The DPRK not only does not have the strength to fight back, but it is visiting the United States through the word of mouth of New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, indicating its readiness to welcome the inspectors to return to North Korea. Korea is constantly changing, which of course makes sense, but it is not difficult to glimpse the well-intentioned and careful deliberations using a cooperative attitude and speech in response to verbal threats. As deterioration of the situation in the region takes place, the blame gets pushed towards America; and even if the inspectors return to North Korea, North Korea has the final say in what they check and how they check it. So we try to understand this statement as merely a gesture or plan of convenience. North Korea only said this for the sake of foreign affairs, and its words are not sincere.

Perhaps you will wonder what China's role is in this, but we happened to use two words to describe it: "low profile”. China has not expressed support for the any side or position. The parties have been calling for calm and restraint, which may seem like old-fashioned diplomacy, but in fact this strategy is being used by all, and especially North Korea. To gain time, North Korea will avoid making irrational moves. Now that Korea has made its move (by not making a move), the ball has been kicked to the United States. We will have to wait and see the response from the U.S.!