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January 2011

Negotiation Is the Sole Option

January 31, 2011 // Iran Review - Iran

I think there are still many solutions and we have not reached a deadlock yet. There is enough room for negotiation and there are various plans which can be successful if there is a powerful determination to put them into action. I am sure that there are solutions which should be reached through negotiations.

Dominoes Falling in the Arab World

January 31, 2011 // Tehran Times - Iran

In Plan B, the Western powers will allow the authoritarian regimes of the Arab world to collapse and attempt to replace them with fake democracies run by puppet rulers beholden to their masters in the West.

Obama Divorces Mideast

January 31, 2011 // Yadioth Ahronot - Israel

Obama’s response to the protests in Egypt and to the Mubarak speech proved that at that junction the White House preferred not to take a decisive, unequivocal stance.

News Unplugged

January 31, 2011 // The News - Pakistan

Here’s an example. Currently, the Arab world is rocking. With revolt and protests. And the American media is going after the ‘real cause’: not the fruit seller who burnt himself alive, but the Arabic channel, Al-Jazeera.

U.S. Must Respect Pakistan Law Too

January 31, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

The US has developed a culture since the fall of a bi-polar world towards the end of 1990s that she was over and above all international and national laws of another country and its citizens must escape punishment no matter how heinous is the crime.

Attention on Obama’s New Pro-Business Policy Change

January 31, 2011 // Hankyung - South Korea - Korean

U.S. President Barak Obama’s consecutive pro-business policies have drawn people’s attention. In the beginning of his administration, President Obama harshly criticized Wall Street and emphasized the necessity of increased regulations. However, he demonstrates strenuous efforts to construct favorable environments [Read more]

Splashes from Beyond the Ocean: A True Quarter

January 31, 2011 // 24 Hours - Bulgaria - Bulgarian

The State of the Union address is not, strictly speaking, required of the president, according to the U.S. Constitution. The paramount law of the country literally states that the head of the country must give the Congress information on how things are going “from time to time.” Some of the White House occupants [Read more]
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