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March 2011

Libya: Gulliver Is Being Dragged Into a War

March 31, 2011 // Israel Hayom - Israel - Hebrew

No fundamental basic values, including the right to life and the right to expression of opinion, are therefore put in the focus of the government’s thinking, but rather, it is the degree of public support (both domestic and foreign) consolidating around them in a local context.

Togetherness in Libya

March 31, 2011 // The Economist - U.K.

The short answer in the case of Libya is that Barack Obama has not invented a new doctrine so much as repudiated an old one.

Finally Passing

March 31, 2011 // The Economist - U.K.

But if a more powerful and active federal government is one enduring legacy of the war, another is distrust and even hatred of that government.

Minority Report

March 31, 2011 // The Economist - U.K.

Minorities now form the majority in America’s two most-populous states, California and Texas, as well as in Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington, DC.

The Unknown Region

March 31, 2011 // El Tiempo - Colombia - Spanish

With only 10 months before primaries in the United States, and a year and a half before the next presidential election, one would think that the domestic economy and unemployment rates would have priority in the campaigns of presidential candidates. However, the instability created by the riots in several countries of [Read more]

Second Thoughts on Libya

March 31, 2011 // Business Day - South Africa

There is still scope for mediation and to search for a peaceful political solution in Libya. Otherwise this war will only accelerate the demise of all those who wage it.

U.N. Resolution Legality Needs a Gatekeeper

March 31, 2011 // Global Times - China

The Western powers have acted beyond the resolution. Although the leaders of the US, Britain and France have said their military actions are only aimed at establishing a no-fly zone, the Western air strikes have directly attacked Libyan government forces and provided air support for the opposition.
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