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May 2011

Bob Gates Leaves the Pentagon

May 2, 2011 // The Economist - U.K.

If one person symbolised the continuity in national-security affairs, it was Robert Gates, the former CIA director whom Mr Bush appointed as defence secretary in 2006 in place of Donald Rumsfeld.

U.S. Media Hostage to Establishment

May 2, 2011 // The Australian - Australia

As the internet empowers people to track down their own information and much of it is absorbed long before daily papers are published or the evening news is broadcast, the mainstream media run the risk of becoming the establishment version of the news, rather than just the news.

Arabs and Uncle Sam

May 1, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

So what explains this state of affairs even when the White House has a black president who has repeatedly sought a “new way forward” with the world’s Muslims? There’s a simple and one-word answer to this question: Israel.
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