It’s been several weeks since the newspapers and the Internet were full of an unexpected report: the killing of Osama bin Laden. Since the whole operation was strictly secret, only a few privileged people in the world knew what was being prepared. Now the al-Qaida leader has been dead and all but forgotten for a few weeks, and we are left to ask what the United States is preparing next.

It is perhaps very surprising, but the Americans have taken aim once again at al-Qaida’s leader. This time, naturally, not Osama, whom they buried at sea — but the whole world can only speculate on the matter because they refused to gloat with pictures, saying that he didn’t look good (probably poor lighting or something).

Several weeks have passed, and al-Qaida has recovered from the death of its long-standing leader. Instead of ingloriously falling apart, as the United States apparently assumed it would, it has chosen a new leader and has promised retaliation against America. What else could you expect from them?

It was then surprising that the Americans announced their delight with the fact that al-Qaida had found a new leader, although it took nearly seven weeks. Apparently they can’t wait to start planning secret and top-secret operations and merrily search Afghanistan and the adjoining countries with a longing to find the present al-Qaida chief and bring him in “dead or alive,” as they say.

I assume that sooner or later they’ll catch him, and al-Qaida will recover and elect a new leader. And what does the United States think? They might finally realize what a vicious circle they’ve gotten into!