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June 2011

GCC Courts New Kingdoms

June 1, 2011 // Al-Jazeera - Qatar

Obama also made no mention of Saudi Arabia's active support for the crackdown in Bahrain because it was the first instance of the GCC making use of its option to intervene in member countries' conflicts. With Morocco and Jordan in the mix, this ability would be greatly strengthened and make the military option potentially more appealing than negotiations.

Obama’s Mistaken Approach to Peace

June 1, 2011 // Haaretz Daily - Israel

Obama is trapped in a worldview that has become obsolete. He believes that Israel and the Palestinians must and can reach a final-status agreement that will solve all the issues.

America’s Nuclear Heads and the Big Macs

June 1, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

What scared the USSR were the America's secret weapons of mass destruction such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Clint Eastwood and Chuck Berry. I once saw a protester in Europe burning the American flag, and ten minutes later he was having a Big Mac and fries.

Clinton’s Candor

June 1, 2011 // The News - Pakistan

Secretary Clinton visits Pakistan frequently enough sweeping behind her a train of elegance, smiles and infinite powers of persuasion. But the latest visit in which she was accompanied by Admiral Mullen, the chief of the greatest army of human history, was different.

What Obama Didn’t Say

June 1, 2011 // L'Orient Le Jour - Lebanon - French

President Obama said everything except the essential. He said that a Palestinian State should be established according to the 1967 borders, next to an Israeli Jewish state. Ouch! That’s exactly the problem. This would mean that the Palestinians driven out by the Israelis in the course of war are “out.” He [Read more]

Myth and Reality of American Aid

June 1, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

The uncertain environment that arose as a sequel to ‘Operation Geronimo’ has compelled Pakistan to launch an aggressive outreach plan for mobilizing alternative contingency sources. China and Russia are particularly alarmed by the renewed American unilateralism.

Our Lives Far from Washington

June 1, 2011 // Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda - Palestine - Arabic

It has become clear that there is no point in waiting for a neutral American position. The American election campaign will overshadow the issue for two years, as Democratic presidential candidate Obama and the undetermined Republican become exposed to the Israeli “core” in the Netanyahu-led Jewish lobby. Besides [Read more]
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