There is no doubt that America, along with the rest of the western states, has been and continues to be in an unenviable situation. Her armies have begun to fall apart in Afghanistan and Iraq and her material and human losses have reached an unbearable level, as though they were head butting a stone in hopes of one day weakening it. Additionally, Muslim hostility towards America and the western states has reached an unprecedented level that has led America to realize that sooner or later things are going to end, and they won’t end well. Similarly, the situation has indicated to her that she will not be able to conquer any new fronts, despite her pressing need to do so, particularly since the danger she faces is becoming greater from every direction.

On top of that, America and the west have finally realized (following the bitterness they tasted during the presidential terms of Bush Junior and his father before him) that global Zionism is not such a good friend. Bush and Cheney completely surrendered to it, allowing it to lead them from one defeat to the next without Zionists considering for one moment what was best for the American or the western people that they had dragged along with them in their bloody wars against the Muslims. Instead, in the first secret confrontation between the west and global Zionism, the latter mobilized its Jewish leaders to destroy the financial system in America and the world because the Jews controlled the American banks as well as those in most of the world’s states.

What was published in the Zionist newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth was quite sufficient when it said that at the most famous bank to go bankrupt, Leighman Brothers, the workers’ accounts were robbed by their Jewish owners and transformed into Zionist entities. The newspaper, Pravda, gathered its courage and reported that the Jews had robbed the American and the Russian people and transferred those funds to Israeli banks. The Independent alluded to a similar version of events. All of this led to the collapse of the banks in question and then to the global economic crisis from which the world is still suffering, despite the fact that the American government attempted to avoid this crisis by pumping colossal funds into the hands of the Jews themselves in an attempt to save the same banks.

Whose money was used? It was of course Arab money, headed up by the Saudis. The American government forced the Gulf States to open credit accounts so that they could steal whatever they wanted from them in order to save themselves from this crisis. It is not surprising to find one of the owners of these accounts from that very time dead in the Moroccan marshes after his plane went down, and yet the pilot survived! He was Sheikh Ahmad bin Zayed and it would appear he had shown some hesitation.

America found herself facing solid Arab regimes that refused to reform until the American lord gave the order to do so, so they got used to stagnancy when lack of action was in the interests of the lord. They also stuck to their habits of dictatorship, robbery, oppression and terrorization of their people. Why break lifetime habits? At the same time these regimes failed to control their people. This is what America is really interested in and what made the American lord abandon the regimes as runaways. America knew that the peoples’ patience had run out, but were also surprised that their patience had lasted so long. Despite this, these regimes remained as they were and nothing changed; they remained arrogant and deaf, their hearts overcome like Noah’s son before the flood reached them.

Faced with this, America was searching for a solution to the dire situation through which she was living — even if this solution had a prayer mark on its head. They needed a solution that was close to the Arabs and Muslims or, at the very least, that could convince them of its value. America has finally found this in Barack Hussein Obama. News and rumors published before and after he became president conjectured that the man was a Muslim — like his father — and that he had studied in Islamic schools. This and other news of this type were essentially directed at the general opinion of Muslims and were not designed to intimidate the American people as some people thought.

Then came his speeches in Egypt and Turkey during which he cited the Holy Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet, outdoing even Arab leaders in that respect. Then came the conference for religious rapprochement and all this failed miserably. Therefore there is nothing to do but think seriously about siding with the people and satisfying them, whatever the cost may be, because America is convinced that there is no security in the current leaders during this time of awakening.

Neither is there any hope of them ever undertaking any real reforms because they have been naturally predisposed to corruption and perversion for such a long time. We have seen how some of them were crushed whilst still clinging to their corruption and displays of heroism, which were only seen from them against their people. America knows that the Arab peoples lost faith in their leaders, their falsity and their obsolete regimes a long time ago. Following the Palestine Conspiracy in 1948 America expected Arab revolutions — like the ones currently taking place — against its regimes, and in her expectation she anticipated events she thought may happen, a strategy which was not to her advantage. She changed the faces of the government through coups, assassinations and even poisoning, which is suspected to have happened to King Abd al-Aziz, particularly after it was revealed that his private doctor was a spy for a number of western intelligence organizations. Perhaps this was the way America achieved the change that the Arab peoples want.

America managed to keep them anaesthetized for a long time, and at the same time she deployed even more active agents of hers in order to provide herself with the remainder of the money she had pledged to those old faces in the government in exchange for their participation in the Palestine Conspiracy. Now, when the Arab revolutions against their leaders began to take place, America tried to intervene on behalf of the leaders. But when she took a serious look at the revolutions and people in the west started to find out what was really happening, she found herself standing by these revolutions in an attempt to turn them around to her benefit.

This was clearly on display in the Egyptian revolution, but we cannot be assured of the success of the America plan for the Egyptian revolution unless Mohamad ElBaradei or Amr Moussa wins the Egyptian presidential elections. If this happens then the Egyptian revolution was a complete failure because what difference is there between these two and Hosni Mubarak? The former is from the same labor swamp and the latter is carrying the banner of the free: labor and corruption. What is surprising is that those leaders who gave up everything precious to satisfy America and destroyed their nations for her have found that the American lord is not prepared to give up even the most basic of her principles to protect them. She refuses to provide even a row of American troops to do so. Instead these leaders think it is disgraceful for these troops to be on their land or even pass through the airspace of their countries. They will be stuck with a traitor’s end and the fate of he who betrays his people and his nation.

America must make more of an effort. She is faced with people who have exploded after a long period of patience and she won’t succeed from a previous standpoint after everything else that has come from her. These people who faced bullets in their naked chests in their quest for freedom and dignity will not accept being violated by anyone. There is nothing more valuable than the dignity for which they spilled their blood. These people who brought down thrones must also bring down borders. At that time they will expect the salvation of a new religion, which will rebuild the house in order to wash away the disgrace that has been etched on the forehead of the nation for decades.