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July 2011

What Does U.S. Withdrawal Mean?

July 30, 2011 // Sot al-Iraq - Iraq - Arabic

The United States’ withdrawal from Iraq is a security disaster. As the proverb says, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play.” Are Iranian intelligence and the loyal militias who support them the first to begin playing? No one can deny that parties loyal to Iran are now planning and waiting for the U.S. [Read more]

Murdoch’s at Risk Empire Open on the American Front

July 30, 2011 // la Repubblica - Italy - Italian

<b?The U.S. Justice Department is ready to launch an investigation into the tabloid scandal. From Fox to The Wall Street Journal, the Australian-born tycoon's influence could be greatly scaled back. </b> NEW YORK - In addition to the political earthquake that has decapitated Scotland Yard and rocked London, along [Read more]

Michelle Obama has no Desire to be a Politician!

July 30, 2011 // Le Figaro - France - French

Michelle O. has announced it once and for all. She will not be a future candidate, despite her very high approval rating: 70 percent. A figure to rival that of Barack, which is hovering around 50 percent on average, but was 43 percent this week. Economic figures at half-mast, weak employment, the debt ceiling common [Read more]

The United States without a New Debt Ceiling

July 30, 2011 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

As the deadline approaches, as well as a potential credit rating reduction, it is unclear how Democrats and Republicans will solve the debt mess that has U.S. politicians on vigil. As to bipartisan negotiations, very few signs of progress have emerged over the last few days, even after president Obama gave [Read more]

A Nation Learns to Doubt

July 30, 2011 // die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

<b>Regardless of whether or not Obama and the Republicans avoid bankruptcy on Aug. 2, their country will never be the same again.</b> Maybe it will actually happen. The unthinkable. Maybe the land of unlimited possibilities will turn that description into a literal reality this summer and leap into the as yet [Read more]

Americans Keep Rebooting Relations

July 30, 2011 // Izvestija - Russia - Russian

During Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Washington, no breakthrough agreements were made, though both sides agreed that in the near future it will be easier for Russians to go to the U.S. as well as for Americans to visit Russia. Tourist and business visas will be given for three-year periods with multiple entry. Government [Read more]

Monetary Stimulus Requires Prudence

July 30, 2011 // Xinhua - China - Chinese

U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on the 13th [of July] that the U.S. economy may need additional stimulus and the Fed may take action to continue its expansionary monetary policy. He mentioned three possibilities, one of which is to continue to purchase U.S. Treasury bonds. Market analysts believe the [Read more]
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