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July 2011

Poverty and Inequality in the USA

July 2, 2011 // El - Colombia - Spanish

The United States is going through a change characterized by three irreversible trends. At the beginning of June, the RAND Corporation invited a small group of community organization leaders, public policy makers, local authorities, academics and journalists (like myself) to a workshop sponsored by the Rockefeller [Read more]

Pressure in the Teapot

July 1, 2011 // der Standard - Austria - German

<b>The tea party movement is successful because it’s against everything. It gets problematic when one asks what it’s for.</b> It’s easy to be against something. But it makes implementing your own ideas that much more difficult. This cast-iron political principle is now being felt by the tea party movement — [Read more]

Robert Gates’ Legacy

July 1, 2011 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

With a ceremony at the Pentagon where Obama awarded him a Presidential Medal of Freedom, Robert Gates ended his time as secretary of Defense. And he did so in front of the praise of the majority of the U.S. media. Some went so far as to call him the best secretary of Defense in the history of the United States. [Read more]

Living the American Dream

July 1, 2011 // The Australian - Australia

The highways of the US are locked into the American psyche as an expression of freedom made popular by Hollywood and given graphic expression in the 1969 cult movie Easy Rider.

Gays, Let’s Get Married

July 1, 2011 // Tribune de Genève - Switzerland - French

Tocqueville feared that American democracy, then universal democracy, would only suppress liberties under the weight of the majority by obligatory conformity. It’s the opposite that’s happening.
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