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August 2011

Libya's Next Fight: Foiling Western Designs

August 31, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

ndeed, it might not be long before NATO's intervention in Libya becomes a political-military doctrine in its own right. US President Barack Obama, and other Western leaders are already offering clues regarding the nature of that doctrine.

Attacks from Afghan Territory – NATO & U.S. Failure

August 31, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

The attacks in presence of NATO and American forces along side the border are meaningful. One is amazed why America and its so-called allied forces and the most ‘trained’ NATO forces are deployed inside Afghanistan. Where are Hamid Karzai and his US-trained forces? Can’t all of them stop these attacks which show inefficiency on part of these forces?

Afghanistan Returning to Brink

August 31, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

...However, these efforts have reached a dead end.The window of opportunity that propped up after NATO/ISAF started handing over district wise control to Afghan security forces appears to be shutting off fast by the reports about a dubious Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) which the United States is trying to impose on Afghanistan.

Inexplicable Politics

August 31, 2011 // Excelsior - Mexico - Spanish

There exist candidates and politicians in positions of power about whom no exist explanation or understanding of how they have arrived at where they are now. But above all, how is it possible that they are trying to get even further? Yes, every people has the government (and the politicians) that they deserve. But in [Read more]
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