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August 2011

U.S. Needs to Learn How to Coexist Peacefully with China

August 31, 2011 // China Times - Taiwan - Chinese

Currently visiting mainland China, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden recently publicly expressed that, "Although China is not America's ally, it can become America's friend." At the same time, Biden stressed, "It is probably necessary for competition to exist between China and the U.S., but this does not mean that an [Read more]

Irene in New York

August 31, 2011 // La Vanguardia - Spain - Spanish

Each summer we see images of hurricanes battering the Caribbean Islands. Pictures of citizens protecting their windows with boards, windswept palm trees or alarming cloud formations getting near a neighborhood already swept by the rain make an impression on TV viewers across the world. In this sense, the summer of 2011 [Read more]

Yes, He Still Can

August 31, 2011 // Maariv - Israel - Hebrew in the transparent aquarium called the White House is not so nice when everybody sticking to the glass hits it to see how scared the dweller gets.

Obama and the Uncertain Outlook for the 2012 Election

August 31, 2011 // Thawra Al Wehda - Syria - Arabic

It is clear to observers that Obama suffers from lack of vision and the confidence of his supporters, even on issues that he was ready to fight for during the long negotiations that took place prior to the agreement...Republicans’ responses seem extreme to many voters, but, all told, they have a clear outlook and vision for the future.

A Prejudicial American Attitude!

August 31, 2011 // Al Quds - Palestine - Arabic

As a matter of fact, America insists upon rejecting Palestine's endeavors to obtain U.N. membership as an independent country inside the borders of 1967 next September. It calls on Palestinians to get back to direct negotiations with Israel, which blocked all possible peace efforts. Also, Washington sent insinuations [Read more]

Don’t Let North Korea off the Hook

August 30, 2011 // Nikkei - Japan - Japanese

Secretary General Kim Jong-Il of North Korea visited Russia for the first time in nine years and there met with President Medvedev. Kim declared that preparations were underway to stop production and testing of missiles and nuclear warheads and that he will return without preconditions to the six-party talks focused on [Read more]

A Stabilizing Force In Asia?

August 30, 2011 // Juventud Rebelde - Cuba - Spanish

Libya has been unable to escape the spotlight and the rest of the world has complacently watched as NATO bombs rained down on the North African country. Current events in Libya confirm that changing the imperial logic is futile. Despite everything, — the economic crisis, the most recent military commitments, the [Read more]

Unfamiliar Territory

August 30, 2011 // Wiener Zeitung - Austria - German

The central banks of the Western world have now passed the ball to the politicians to solve the crisis. That sounds like handing over a hot potato, but it’s not. The U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank are buying government bonds and providing the banks with capital. The European Central Bank and the [Read more]
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