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September 2011

Us and America

September 30, 2011 // Samidoon - Palestine - Arabic

Are we crossing the line, or are we burying our noses in something that does not matter: whether or not Egypt and the United States have consulted us about matters that affect us? These questions arose when I read news of the meeting between the team of Lt. Gen. David Goldfein from the U.S. Central Command and a [Read more]

And Now Haqqani Network

September 30, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

The attackers who were wearing suicide jackets engaged the forces almost for 24 hours which is not small time for the forces which claim as conquerors. The real conqueror is the one who can win the hearts and minds of the locals not the one who is hell bent upon to destabilize their homeland.

Obama's Israel Bomb Sale

September 30, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

Barack Obama has spent his entire time in office urging the Israelis to make wrenching concessions to the Palestinians, and the American Jewish community has questioned his loyalty. But appearances can be deceiving.

Responding To Menacing U.S. Postures

September 30, 2011 // The Nation - Pakistan

The resolution, signed by the leaders of all political parties, did not mention the Haqqani network that was called a ‘veritable arm’ of the ISI by US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen, nor did it make any direct reference to US pressure on Pakistan to take military action against the Haqqanis.

Who Benefits from U.S. Aid?

September 30, 2011 // Dawn - Pakistan

It is not much of an exaggeration to state that Pakistan has always been an aid-dependent country. Estimates suggest that the gross disbursement of overseas development assistance to Pakistan from 1960 to 2002 (in 2001 prices) was $73.1bn, including bilateral and multilateral sources.

Layers of Deceit

September 30, 2011 // Dawn - Pakistan

There is something surreal about the sense of crisis in Pakistan-US relations. Going by media reports and analyses in both countries, it would seem an American attack on the Haqqani network based in North Waziristan is imminent.

Karzai's Fulminations

September 30, 2011 // The Nation - Pakistan

If the USA does attack Pakistan, it will have to do so out of Afghanistan. That will mean that inevitably the locus of the war will be Afghanistan as well as Pakistan.
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