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September 2011

Children Are the Poorest Members of the U.S. Population

September 29, 2011 // ArgenPRESS - Argentina - Spanish

In the country with the largest economy in the world, the country that is supposed to be a showcase for human rights, children are the poorest members of the population, something that will ensure problems in the future. Today, it is a reality that children are the most vulnerable part of American society, since close [Read more]

Releasing the Americans Benefited Others

September 29, 2011 // Iranian Democracy - Iran - Persian

<b>The Iranian Diplomacy news website discusses the release of two American prisoners in Iran with Mostafa Kavakebian, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran's Parliament.</b> He believes that Iran did not gain any benefit from releasing Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, the American hikers [Read more]

Operation Twist

September 29, 2011 // Estadão - Brazil - Portuguese

The lack of reaction from the U.S economy is causing the international financial market to pressure the U.S. Federal Reserve to take new steps. It's what many international analysts are anxiously expecting to be announced tomorrow, around the same time when the Fed will announce the results of another meeting dealing [Read more]

U.S. Citizens Save Themselves into a Recession

September 29, 2011 // Die Welt - Germany - German

In the motherland of consumption, doubts about unlimited expenditures are germinating. U.S. citizens are questioning their way of life. That is very risky. Little Jayna from Atlanta is turning two years old; her grandparents have invited 150 guests and a rented clown to a lunchtime buffet in a restaurant. The magic is [Read more]

Republicans’ War Against Voters

September 29, 2011 // Le Figaro - France - French

It hasn’t been seen since the days of segregation. The Republicans have mounted a campaign, devised and financed by the Koch brothers, who have been accused by The New Yorker of "waging war against Obama," to prevent the largest number of Democrats possible from voting in the next election. According to the [Read more]

Election Bluster with Truthful Content

September 29, 2011 // Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

<b>U.S. President Obama is criticizing European crisis management to deflect attention from his own problems, but he is not completely in the wrong. Europe does lack a comprehensive solution.</b> America and Europe are behaving like a quarrelsome old married couple. “Your debt crisis is bringing the whole world into [Read more]

People in Glass Houses

September 29, 2011 // Neues Deutschland - Germany - German

It's a bit as though the proverbial lame and blind are blaming one another. Once again, Barack Obama has pilloried Europeans for their catastrophic handling of the euro crisis, saying they reacted too late, too slowly and too timidly to the financial crisis of 2007, and as a result frightened the entire world. Obama [Read more]
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