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September 2011

Trading Away from the U.S.A.

September 28, 2011 // The Globe and Mail - Canada

When Mr. Harper took office in 2006, few were aware of his transatlantic interests and intent. At that time, given his Republican-like conservatism, we expected a closer alignment with the Americans.

Obama Uses LinkedIn to Sell Jobs Plan to Voters

September 28, 2011 // Clarin - Argentina - Spanish

<i>The U.S. president will be in an assembly organized through the social network.</i> Today, U.S. President Barack Obama stands up for his economic and fiscal proposals in an encounter with voters in California organized through the social network LinkedIn, as part of his efforts to make good use of digital [Read more]

A Prayer for 5772

September 28, 2011 // The Jerusalem Post - Israel

It's my prayer for coming year that US Jewish community will act with the majority of their fellow Americans to defend Israel.

'With Us or Without'

September 28, 2011 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

When George W Bush threatened Gen Musharraf to coerce him in joining the US led war on terror in Afghanistan, warning either you are with us or against and to take Pakstan to the age of stones if the answer is ‘no’, fortunately Turkey saved its nation from the wrath of war, and Unfortunately our military leader meagrely caved
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