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October 2011

Baby Boomers Strain Stock Prices

October 31, 2011 // Financial Times Deutschland - Germany - German

<b>The world population continues to grow — nevertheless, only outside of the industrialized nations. For the capital markets, that does not bode well: Those who retire pull their capital out. And that’s what the baby-boomer generation is presently doing.</b> If one believes Fed members Zheng Liu and Mark Spiegel [Read more]

The American Empire Is Approaching Its End

October 31, 2011 // Nawa-i-Waqt - Pakistan - Urdu

It has become apparent, through Obama’s behavior, that America is a threat to the entire world. It particularly poses a great threat to the success of Muslim countries. We don’t know about al-Qaida. We can’t see it. Al-Qaida did not attack the World Trade Center, and even if it did, it did so on America’s [Read more]

“De-occupy” Wall Street

October 31, 2011 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

“It is no use, it is no use….” Human beings are so conservative that even when they clearly identify problems, they do not face up to the solution that would bring about radical change; they propose solutions based on the very plans that led to the errors, and so they evolve slowly. As when they propose to end [Read more]

In America, the Rich Are becoming Richer

October 31, 2011 // Liberation - France - French

If it's still necessary to find an explanation for the success of Occupy Wall Street, we can point to a report that was just published by the very official Congressional Budget Office, which shows exactly what the protesters have been denouncing these last days in Zuccotti Park: In America, the rich are becoming richer [Read more]

Oil Is the Heart of War

October 31, 2011 // Al Messa - Egypt - Arabic

It is the duty of true Arabs to stop what has happened to two of their rulers, first Saddam Hussein and then Moammar Gadhafi, from happening again. The people of the West, particularly America, united to kill them. In the case of Saddam, it was America that made war against him and occupied his country, claiming [Read more]

Occupying Wall Street, the American Spring

October 31, 2011 // Polityka - Poland - Polish

The U.S. has never seen society mobilize on this scale before. For the moment, however, the Occupy Wall Street movement has little to offer beyond catchy slogans and the power of a shared passion. “This is not a protest,” said Charles Holsopple. “We’re celebrating the awakening of consciousness and compassion [Read more]

In Pakistan, Clinton Offered Carrot and Wielded Stick

October 31, 2011 // Le Figaro - France - French

While maintaining that it has no intention of sending troops to Pakistan, the U.S. continues its war in the shadows of Pakistan’s tribal areas. By eliminating the insurgents who take advantage of these sanctuaries to launch attacks against NATO in Afghanistan, Washington aims indirectly at the Pakistani military [Read more]
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