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Iran Has No Interest in a Stable Iraq

December 31, 2011 // Die Welt - Germany - German

After the withdrawal of U.S. troops, tensions within Mesopotamia only appear to have been calmed. Iran is lying in wait for its chance. Whether the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq is good or bad is still not certain by a long shot. The Iraqis are likely to have mixed feelings, and the revolutionary guard in [Read more]


December 31, 2011 // Adevărul - Romania - Romanian

People must be allowed to live according to their own laws. If, according to Abraham Lincoln, tact is “the ability to describe others as they see themselves,” then Petre Ţuţea showed no diplomacy whatsoever. “Americans have no vocation, they invoke God only to bless their shops. They think like merchants. They [Read more]

The Honeymoon’s Over, but No Divorce Yet

December 30, 2011 // Izvestiya - Russia - Russian

<b>The "reset" in relations between Russia and the U.S. is over. However, both countries need each other too much to allow themselves a confrontation.</b> There has been a series of pointed statements made in recent weeks by Russian and U.S. politicians and diplomats regarding relations with one another. There have [Read more]

Crimes Committed in the Name of Al-Qaeda

December 30, 2011 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia

Not surprisingly, different countries resort to using scarecrow tactics to keep internal differences at bay. Over the last decade, different players have created Al-Qaeda bogey for various political agendas.

A Decade of War and the Decade Ahead

December 30, 2011 // The Nation - Pakistan

Ten years after the Twin Towers came hurtling down, signalling the end of one era and the grim beginning of another, it is a hotly contested controversy whether the US has succeeded in its objectives after a decade of war.
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