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Plight of the MidEast’s Christians

January 2, 2011 // The Daily Star - Lebanon

In fact, political alliances sought by Western states and, most importantly, by the United States leverage existential threats against the remaining Christian minorities in the Middle East. Rescue is not high on the agenda.

START on Pakistan

January 2, 2011 // The News - Pakistan

Meanwhile, Washington continues to expand its nuclear cooperation with India and reject Pakistan’s demand for the same access to civil nuclear technology as that given to India.

Obama’s Best Decision

January 2, 2011 // JoongAng Ilbo - South Korea - Korean

On January 20, Barack Obama, President of the United States, will celebrate exactly two years in office, half of his presidential term. There may be varying opinions as to what the best decision Obama has made over the course of these last two years may be, but the author states without any hesitation that it was the [Read more]

WikiLeaks and Its Negative Effects on America’s Role

January 2, 2011 // Ad-Dustour - Jordan - Arabic

If the British authorities arrested WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London as he prepared for travel to Sweden, then the releases of his notorious website will continue to have severe, damaging effects on the American role in the world, especially in the Middle East. On this website, millions of documents exposed [Read more]

Playing Russian Roulette

January 2, 2011 // Khaleej Times - U.A.E.

I wonder if US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton really believes in the pompous invective that shoots from her lips with the rapidity of machine gun fire.

We Don’t Have to Dance to the Beat of U.S. Drums in Asia

January 2, 2011 // Huanqiu - China - Chinese

China doesn’t need to move its feet to the strategic beat of America’s drums in Asia. Since Japan and South Korea feel that operating in coordination with the United States’ Asia strategy can gain them security, then why not let them get tossed from side to side? Today’s China no longer needs to have many misgivings about war imposed by the outside world, but Asian security will probably come at the cost of a period of instability.

Obama’s Ace

January 2, 2011 // JoongAng Daily - South Korea

Some may disagree, but I would say without hesitation that the best decision was the appointment of Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State.
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