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February 2012

China-US Relations Have Become Irreversible

February 29, 2012 // The People's Daily - China

The normal relationship between the two countries, especially between two big countries like China and the United States, is not a relationship without frictions and divergence of views, but a relationship with a set of stable mechanisms for coping with and solving issues.

The American Administration and the Syrian Crisis

February 28, 2012 // Elaph - U.K. - Arabic

Almost a year has passed since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and the growth of widespread support for demonstrations against the regime. Thousands of victims have fallen. Yet Washington has not clearly said "Go" to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as it did in the case of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak [Read more]

The Slavery of American Aid

February 28, 2012 // Al Ahram - Egypt - Arabic

Perhaps the time has come for Egypt to finally liberate itself from the shackles of what is known as “American aid.” This is the polite name for a sort of modern-day slavery imposed by the United States upon the nations it succeeds in ensnaring in its trap. First, these nations grow accustomed to the aid, then rely [Read more]

Drug and Slavery Prohibition

February 28, 2012 // S21 - Guatemala - Spanish

One friend shared with me an excellent essay against prohibition and in favor of drug legalization based on individual rights. The essay is called “America’s Unjust Drug War” and was written by Michael Huemer in The New Prohibition, in 2004. Here is a brief summary. Huemer criticizes two of the arguments that [Read more]

United States-Israel: The Time for Divorce

February 28, 2012 // El Pais - Spain - Spanish

<i/>The Jewish state could push Washington into a war of serious consequences with Iran.</i> The U.S. electoral campaign will be coming to its conclusion in November, threatened by the possibility of an attack by Israel against Iran, a risk that hangs like a sword over the head of Barack Obama. In the recent days, [Read more]

“Hamid Karzai Owes Us an Apology”

February 28, 2012 // Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

<i>Even if U.S. soldiers humiliate an entire nation by burning the Koran, Republican Newt Gingrich decides the real scandal is something else entirely. The atmosphere in the United States is so super-heated by presidential politics that even conciliatory gestures bring forth negative reactions. Beyond U.S. borders, [Read more]
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