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March 2012

MidEast Latitude

March 31, 2012 // The Daily Star - Lebanon

...The leaders and officials gathered in that country were understandably preoccupied with the crisis in next-door Syria, while the situation in Iraq, nine years after the U.S.-led war was launched, was also a concern.

World Powers Confront Over Pakistan

March 31, 2012 // Today - Azerbaijan

Pakistan by virtue of a range of circumstances may be the next target in the struggle for spheres of influence. Until recently, this question was not at agenda at all, Pakistan was, and is likely to remain a reliable strategic ally of the United States.

Dushanbe Moot

March 31, 2012 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

The context in which this regional summit should be seen is the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, the impending withdrawal of US and NATO forces from that country, and the estranged relationship between Pakistan and the US.

Obama’s Stance

March 31, 2012 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

Their interests do not converge with our national interests. Their interests are global; our interests at the most could only be regional.

N-Bomb and Terrorists

March 31, 2012 // Dawn - Pakistan

For the media, nuclear weapons are yesterday’s issue because nobody expects a nuclear war. But a nuclear weapon in terrorist hands is the defining nightmare of the post-9/11 decade, and that’s what the summit was actually about.

A Smelly Red Herring

March 31, 2012 // Dawn - Pakistan

As expected, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s brief meeting with President Barack Obama in Seoul on the sidelines of the nuclear security summit produced no breakthroughs, but it did serve to clarify the issues.
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