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May 2012

April’s Creation

May 1, 2012 // El Nacional - Dominican Republic - Spanish

When reading the book, “One of Those April Days” by Pedro Conde Sturla, I realized with great emotion that we are talking about the most important historical event of the 20th century in our country. Every detail and every description of what happened during the 1965 insurrection tells us that our people, in those [Read more]

Climate Change: Science or Marketing?

May 1, 2012 // El Diario Exterior - Spain - Spanish

As if it were not a scientific issue, two United States university institutes have taken an opinion poll on climate change. A survey conducted through the Project on Climate Change Communication (Yale) and the Center for Climate Change Communication (George Mason) shows that a clear majority of North Americans (69 [Read more]

Agricultural Partners

May 1, 2012 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

<i>We look in perspective at the agenda of bi-national agricultural cooperation.</i> On the importance of restarting the U.S.-Venezuelan agricultural cooperation, a relationship more convenient to the interests of both nations, the numbers and the agro-commercial balance speak for themselves. Knowing that historically [Read more]

To Get Out of America

May 1, 2012 // Rossiyskaya Gazeta - Russia - Russian

While hundreds of thousands of people all over the world aspire to obtain U.S. citizenship, growing numbers of Americans are becoming expatriates.
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